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Opt for Long Lasting Gabion Retaining Walls in for Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle Areas from Gravity Wall Systems

When constructing any retaining wall to connect two distinctly elevated terrains, it is imperative to decide whether gabion retaining walls are needed or not. Gabion retaining walls (common in Sydney) are retaining walls that are self-draining, and thus reduce the pressure placed on the wall from the soil or terrain. Gabion retaining walls in Brisbane and Newcastle are often constructed with typical materials, a cage or box made of wire, filled with concrete, rocks, or soil, depending on its usage. While gabion retaining walls in Newcastle and Brisbane are popular because they allow for the movement of airflow and water pass through, there are now even easier ways to construct gabion retaining walls, without the utilisation of wire boxes.

Graviti® MassBloc® – A Solution for Gabion Retaining Walls in Sydney

While gabion retaining walls in Newcastle are useful and offer a lot of benefits, the main downside many civil engineers or construction workers agree with is that gabions are difficult to construct and maintain, and thus they shy away from them. However, Gravity Wall Systems has created an easy to construct gabion block that will make installing gabion retaining walls in the Gold Coast and Sydney easier than ever.

Gravity Wall Systems invented the Graviti® MassBloc®, which is a porous, permeable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting alternative to traditional, hard to maneuver gabion blocks or baskets. This alternate take on gabion retaining walls is perfect for commercial projects, government construction, and can even be used in residential areas in Brisbane.

Why Choose Graviti® MassBloc® for Retaining Walls over Gabion Baskets and Blocks?

Aside from not requiring painstaking efforts to assemble, Graviti® MassBloc® boasts many advantages over gabion blocks. For starters, Graviti® MassBloc® is easy to take down and move as needed, thus aiding in retaining various walls across its lifetime.

Graviti® MassBloc® is also extremely durable and long-lasting, with a lifespan of approximately 100 years (certified). They can also be used interchangeably in terrestrial, freshwater, and various marine locales.

When comparing the Graviti® MassBloc® to classic gabion baskets and cages, the Graviti® MassBloc® is also the more affordable choice.

When you take into account the number of gabion blocks you are replacing, Graviti® MassBloc® and its century lifespan are an investment worth making for any quality project. These blocks are also stocked in a plethora of different sizes, with the smallest size measuring at 1200 x 600 x 600. A large selection of colours is also available.

If you know that gabion retaining walls are the right choice for your Sydney or Gold Coast project, look into Graviti® MassBloc® for an even easier, better quality product that is simple to work with, install, and dismantle. The attractive appearance of Graviti® MassBloc® will also add value to your retaining walls.

To find out more information on Graviti® MassBloc®, log on to Gravity Wall Systems’ website at www.gravitywallsystems.com.