Graviti™ Mattress Soil Retention

The Graviti™ Mattress was developed to be used to retain soil as a replacement for gabion baskets or boulder walls. Graviti™ Mattresses are a smart and cost effective alternative to the old fashioned Reno Mattress.

The advantages of our Graviti™ Mattress far outweigh other systems.

With a standard size 270 x 1185 x 1185 the Graviti™ Mattress has great versatility. It has numerous applications, some of the more common being:

  • Slope stabilisation
  • Bridge abutments
  • Pond bank control.
  • Soil erosion control, on head walls, pipe outlets and spill ways

Reinforced turf…

A unique application where the Graviti™ Mattress can be laid in soft wet conditions, then turfed. This provides a firm surface for regular usage including that of light vehicles.