Gravity Wall Systems - Mass Concrete - Retaining Wall

Graviti™ Mass Retaining Wall Blocks

Pervious – Mass Concrete – Retaining Wall System.

Graviti® Blocks were developed to provide a Concrete Mass Block, designed to provide the following:

  • Soil retention
  • Scour control
  • Longevity
  • Superior strength
  • Extremely high permeability

Graviti® Block is ideally suited for use in most earth retention structures some of those are:-

  • Gravity Walls
  • Reinforced Earth Walls.
  • Scour Control
  • Gold Coast & coastal Revetments
  • Revetment Walls in Salt or fresh water environments

Longevity of Graviti® Block is assured in all conditions.

  • Graviti® Block is not effected by salt water, acid sulphate conditions, bush fires or even petroleum products where accidental spillage occurs.
  • Given its Compressive Strength, Graviti® Block can also be used with Highway loadings above it.
  • Water permeability of Graviti® Block is very high, as demonstrated, here reported as 12.4m/hr. (approx. ~8680 litres/hr.).

Product Design Summary

For more details on design specifics please download a PDF of our product report

See the summary

Block Sizes

For available Graviti® Block sizes, which are also available in a variety of colours and finishes, see the Technical Drawing page

On request Graviti® Block can also be made to suit most size requirements.

Download the Product Summary PDF

For more information on longevity, strength and permeability testing carried out by engineers, download the detailed Product Summary PDF.

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