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Graviti® Blocks Make Up The Retaining Walls Used In A Variety Of Projects In Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, And The Gold Coast

The highly tested gravity blocks, which are used to produce gravity wall systems, are now being used in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, and all along the Gold Coast on a variety of infrastructure projects. Tested by independent engineers and approved by the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services), gravity retaining walls are the new alternative to gabion baskets and other such products for creating permanent retaining structures that will counter erosion and land slippage. Gravity Wall Systems is an Australian owned and operated company that continues to serve state road authorities, state councils, civil engineers, and project planners with a proven, tested product that comes with a 100-year design life.

Why Gravity Blocks In Sydney Are So Strong

Graviti® Block consists of a unique concrete mix. This no fines mix is strong yet permeable and allows for sub soil water to pass through freely. The blocks are lighter than conventional concrete blocks but still show impressive strength in a variety of tests. In a detailed investigation completed by Engineered Material Solutions, Graviti® Blocks demonstrated strength and performance characteristics that were outstanding for use in soil retaining applications. They are super strong, are not affected by fire, acid, or petroleum products, and are reusable and can be relocated rather easily. Gravity Blocks in Brisbane walls are dry stacked without mortar and provide strength and flexibility for retaining structures.

Retaining Wall Applications

Gravity Wall Systems provides its state of the art products to a wide variety of civil engineers, project planners, and designers. Workers often use Graviti® Blocks in Newcastle road projects, for example, to stop erosion and land slippage. You can also find them in riverine walls, bridge abutments, revetments, and wet area pedestrian paths. Gravity walls are so easy to construct and, with the 100-year design life, project planners know they are using a product that they can trust to be durable. Virtually any project where there is the possibility of land slippage or erosion is one in which gravity walls can be used.

The Move To More Advanced Retaining Walls

For years, the choice for gravity walls has been the gabion basket, which has been in use for over 100 years. The baskets are made up of wire that is either galvanised or plastic and is full of rocks. Each basket is hand-packed making them very time consuming to make. Organisations like the RMS are now looking for other products for retaining walls for many reasons including the time factor. Gabion wire baskets can rust over time and become subject to fire. These baskets deteriorate, especially when they are in or close to salt water. These are just a few of the reasons why builders and other organisations are looking for products like Gravity Blocks in Gold Coast. They are not subject to rust or deterioration. They are not affected by dangerous chemicals or salt water.

To learn more about the benefits and applications of Gravity Blocks, visit Gravity Wall Systems online at www.gravitywallsystems.com or call and speak directly to a representative at 0414 382 921.