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Gravity Retaining Walls For Gold Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, and Sydney Road Projects Are A Great Alternative To Gabion Baskets

Road projects throughout Australia in places like Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, and the Gold Coast are turning to gravity retaining walls as a solution for creating a permanent retaining structure that will provide a counter to land slippage and erosion. These gravity walls, manufactured by Gravity Wall Systems, are proving their value over more traditional gabion baskets and others. The company, which is Australian owned and operated, has had its products tested by the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) which is the authority that oversees all major roadways within NSW. The tests were carried out by independent engineers and cast a favorable light upon Gravity Wall Systems products.

Uses For Gravity Retaining Walls On Sydney Projects

A variety of projects around Australia can utilise the technology that goes into making Graviti® MassBloc®. Gravity Wall Systems has supplied its products for use on such projects as bridge abutments, wet area pedestrian paths, storm-water retention basins, and much more. One of the biggest failures of retaining walls has to do with hydraulic pressure. This pressure will build up behind the wall and can lead to damage of the structure. The porous nature of the individual Graviti® MassBloc® helps to drain water and do so quickly, eliminating that hydraulic pressure and helping the retaining wall maintain its strength.

Why Use Gravity Wall Retaining Systems Products

More and more project managers, engineers, and state authorities are turning to gravity retaining walls for their Brisbane projects. These walls have been independently tested, and many customers have applauded their performance and durability. Individual blocks are stacked dry without mortar. The resulting structure can take some movement without causing any visible distress.

Graviti® MassBloc® walls are highly permeable. Because of the concrete mix, these blocks will allow water to pass directly through them. Tests have shown that 12,050 litres of water can flow through one square metre of block in an hour. This rate of permeability means that hydraulic pressure that could accumulate behind a retaining wall does not make the wall more durable. The blocks do have any materials that will rust or rot, and they are resistant to cracking. With a 100-year design life, gravity retaining walls in Newcastle will last a long time.

Graviti® MassBloc® are easy to use to assemble a retaining wall structure. A couple of experienced workers can easily place up to 80 square metres of retaining wall per day using an excavator. An entire retaining wall can be built in much less time than traditional walls made of gabion cages, for example. When you factor in the competitive pricing of Gravity Wall Systems products, there is tremendous value in using the company’s products when compared to others.

Strong, Long-Lasting Gravity Retaining Walls In Gold Coast

Gravity Wall Systems can make it much easier for your next project to be completed. While traditional methods are adequate, Graviti® MassBloc® walls are stronger, more durable, and easier to construct than those of the competition. To learn more, visit www.gravitywallsystems.com or call the company directly at 0414 382 921.