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Fast And Efficient, Use Gravity Walls For Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, And Gold Coast Projects

Because of their ease of use, efficiency, and durability, gravity walls by Gravity Wall Systems are becoming more and more popular in the creation of permanent retaining walls and structures on a variety of projects throughout Australia. The Australian owned company has been manufacturing the Graviti™ Block product since 2008 and continues to improve upon the original. There has been extensive testing of the company’s products by independent engineers proving the value of using gravity walls on Sydney road projects, for example. The RMS, Roads and Maritime Services, formerly the RTA, is the NSW authority that controls all major roads within the state and has approved the testing of Gravity Wall Systems products.

Applications For Gravity Walls In Brisbane Projects

Gravity walls have many uses including landslip rehabilitation, bridge abutments, revetments, and more. With a 100-year design life, these walls offer the protection that projects need to combat erosion over time. Whether it is a part of a major highway construction or an underwater project, Graviti™ Blocks are built to perform. Each block is made of a unique concrete no fines mix that will allow water to pass through freely. The blocks can be used to replace more conventional retaining walls that use gabions. Gabion wall systems use a metal cage filled with rock. While useful, gabions just do not have the high rate of permeability that Graviti™ Blocks do. The greater permeability reduces the amount of hydraulic pressure behind a wall structure decreasing the amount of stress on the wall. Gravity walls on Brisbane roadways and bridges, for example, will remain functional, durable, and do not require maintenance.

The Benefits Of Choosing Gravity Wall Systems

When you use Gravity Wall Systems products to construct a retaining wall, you are using a product that has been proven to be strong. Independent tests have shown that the unique no fines mix that makes up each Graviti™ Block permits greater than 25mpa strength than competitors. These walls are strong and built to last. All of the components of the walls are made from wet-cast concrete, which gives the finished product its durability. Graviti™ Blocks have a 100-year design life and do not rust, rot, nor are they affected by fire or other chemicals.

As stated earlier, gravity walls in Newcastle from Gravity Wall Systems have a high degree of permeability. Ground water can pass through the walls at a rate of 12,050 litres per square meter per hour. The high rate of permeability reduces the amount of hydraulic pressure that can build up behind a wall. This pressure will lead to cracking and other damage.

Gravity Wall Systems products are also easy to use. A pair of experienced workers can easily use an excavator to piece together 80 square metres in a day. With these products, a project can be completed much quicker than without them. That can mean a ton of savings on a project. Factor in the competitive pricing of all Gravity Wall Systems products and the value is tremendous.

For more information about gravity walls in the Gold Coast or elsewhere in Australia, visit the leading authority on the subject, Gravity Wall Systems, online at their website, www.gravitywallsystems.com today. Interested parties can also call for information at 0414 382 921.