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The Best Alternative To Mass Block Retaining Walls For Gold Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, And Sydney Infrastructure Projects

For years, mass block retaining walls were considered the industry’s elite product. More recently, that has changed with the emergence of Gravity Wall Systems and its Graviti™ Block. Since 2008, the company began the manufacture of this product that has been repeatedly tested by independent engineers and has time and again proven to be the most durable and flexible product on the market.

The RTA, or Roads and Maritime Services, has requested many of these independent tests which show that Gravity Wall Systems has a proven product. The Australian owned and operated company make an extremely porous concrete product with a 100-year design life. It will not rust or rot and is not affected by fire or hazardous chemicals.

The Difference Between Mass Block Retaining Walls In Sydney And Gravity Block Walls

Mass block retaining walls in Brisbane and other cities have been constructed from a variety of materials. Mass block has been used by designers and engineers in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, and Gold Coast for many years. The product, made by Rocla, is manufactured as a one-size-fits-all. A big difference between Mass Block and Graviti™ Block is that the latter comes in a range of standard sizes from one to four tonnes as well as other variants.

The same is true for other types of retaining walls such gabion baskets. These have served as gravity walls for over a hundred years. They are made up of wire baskets filled with gabion rocks. The individual baskets are tied together to make the actual retaining wall. The problem with gabions is that the wire will rust and deteriorate over time. There are some OH&S issues with gabion baskets also. Gravity Wall Systems and its Graviti™ products are much faster to assemble, offer cost savings, and are built to last for many years.

Why Choose Gravity Wall Systems Over Mass Block Retaining Walls In Newcastle

Gravity Blocks are a long term solution to any soil erosion or land slippage problem. The installation is done without mortar making it very easy. An experienced work crew can place up to 80 square metres of retaining wall per day. All of the blocks are interlocked using a key joint that is cast into the blocks. Walls are easy to transport and very quick to install, helping to cut costs on large infrastructure projects where a permanent and stable retaining structure is necessary.

One of the big reasons to choose Graviti™ Block walls is their competitive pricing and overall cost efficiency. When project managers take into account the installation time and durability of the product, Gravity Wall Systems products are a tremendous value. They are also built following all local council regulations and are prepared by a registered engineer. In time, mass block retaining walls in Gold Coast applications will be replaced by the more efficient, more durable Gravity Block walls.

For more information about Graviti™ Block products, visit the company website, www.gravitywallsystems.com, or call the company directly at 0414 382 921.