Gravity Wall Systems manufacturer and supply Graviti® Block products throughout Qld and NSW and further afield if required. Here’s how we can help you…

Design Service

Gravity Wall Systems can provide a suggested design service as part of the Graviti® System package, if required (This is not an engineer’s design service). Note that all Graviti® Block permeable concrete Mass Block walls need to comply with Local Council Regulations and for this reason may need a design specific to each site prepared by a registered engineer.

Manufacturing flexibility

Our standard Graviti® Block size range is complemented with the following:-

  • Corner blocks (these have the same dedicated key system to maintain wall strength)
  • Half length Blocks
  • Half height Blocks (600 deep only)
  • Taper Blocks for top of wall only to a grade of 1: 4 and 1:8
  • Graffiti coating
  • in a range Oxide colours

Rendered Face Blocks can be supplied plain OR with

  • Oxide colours
  • Coloured epoxy coatings
  • Graffiti coating

Click here for our table standard of block sizes.


The Graviti® system is available ex-factory or delivered to site. The units weigh from 940kg to 3800kg depending on size specified.


Graviti® system is simple to install. Blocks are manufactured consistently to specification. The key to successful installation is a perfectly level, well compacted road base or concrete footing.